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Our specialty is high quality hand made copper bird feeders.  We offer fruit feeders
and jelly feeders for birds such as the Baltimore Oriole. Other fruit eating birds include the Robin, the Mockingbird, the Cardinal, Finches, Woodpeckers and Brown Thrashers.  We also make mealworm feeders to feed Bluebirds.

We use apples on our fruit feeders because there is a wide variety of birds that eat apples.  You can also spiral on oranges, grape bunches or leftover dinner rolls.  Orioles and other birds also love grape jelly and the jelly cups on those feeders clip in and out for easy cleaning and refilling.

We have many beautiful designs of Hummingbird Feeders including hand held hummingbird feeders, window hummingbird feeders and hanging feeders that double as decorative plant hangers, some of them decorated with beautiful verdigris copper ivy leaves and some decorated with red marble dangles.

We use copper for our feeders because it is such a resilient and beautiful metal.  Copper will not rust or chip or become brittle with age and will last for generations of use at your home or in your garden. 

The benefits of using Holland Hill Hummingbird Feeders:
Our hummingbird feeders are very easy to refill and most importantly easy to keep clean.   The health of hummingbirds depends on you to keep their feeder clean and our tube feeder system makes it easy.  To refill a tube, slide the tube out of the copper tendril, pull the red cap off, rinse the tube and cap with hot water then refill the tube to the top with nectar and replace the cap then slide the tube back in the tendril.  Often, it is not necessary to rinse the parts because the hummingbird drinks the nectar up before it has a chance to go rancid or ferment as can happen with jug style feeders.
When you are using our feeders keep the tube horizontal to the ground.   The hummingbird will insert their beak into the hole in the cap and drink up the nectar and lick along the bottom of the tube until it is empty.  Since there is no pressure from the weight of the liquid pressing down on the end of the tube it will not drip, and the small hole creates surface tension on the liquid, also preventing dripping.   To adjust the tube to a horizontal position if need be :  with the tube in the tendril, just pull the end of the tube down until it is horizontal.  Copper does not break.  It is made to bend. 
The tubes mimic the tubular flowers they feed on in nature. Your hummingbirds drink up the nectar before it has a chance to go rancid or ferment, so the nectar is always fresh.  Hummingbirds love fresh nectar!  Our customers always tell us their birds go to Holland Hill Hummingbird Feeders before they will go to their jug style feeders because of the freshness of the nectar.  We offer a Handy Vial Holder that holds 6 tubes to make it easy to clean, fill and replace tubes when they become emptied.  You can use it to store full tubes in your refrigerator, and take it to the feeders outside to replace the empty tubes, then use it to hold the empty ones to rinse them in the sink before refilling them and storing them until needed ,  by putting the holder back in the fridge.  A coffee cup can be used for that purpose as well.

Hummingbird Feeder TIPS :
1. Purchase extra feeder tubes and keep your extra ones full in the refrigerator to have      always ready to go when you need to replace empty ones outside on your feeder.

2.  When your hummingbirds have gone, tilt the tubes up on your feeder and use
    the the tubes as a flower bud vase. 

Hang your wand outside with your other hummingbird feeders to let the birds get used to it.  Then when you want to hand feed them, take all your feeders down and put them out of sight.  Hold your wand in the same area that your birds were feeding in because they habituate to that spot to find their food and the red cap signals them to where the food is.  Be patient!  Your birds will first check out the new situation and approach the wand.  They might do a few fly bys to check you out but in no time they will land on the wand's perch and begin feeding.  You can bring them up to just inches from your face by moving the wand slowly after they land !  Enjoy !